2017 Jeanne Barker July Open - L3

Meet Information

This Meet is now closed for new entries

This is a Level 3 gala open to swimmers aged 9 years and over (age as at 16th July).

Arrangements on the Day

Please see the Arrangements on the Day document for the final event schedule for the whole weekend and other useful information for competitors.

Important travel information for Sunday

On Sunday the Race for Life 5K and 10K are starting from Parker's Piece directly across the road from Parkside Pools at 11am - this means that Queen Anne Car Park and roads will be exceptionally busy prior to our meet starting. Please check the list of road closures prior to coming to Cambridge and please plan your travel to leave plenty of time to get to the pool for warm up. There is a live car park feed of all car parks around Cambridge that you can check whilst travelling to Cambridge.

All city car parks will be exceptionally busy and therefore you may wish to think about using the Park & Ride sites on the outskirts of Cambridge, but unfortunately the last buses back to the car parks on Sunday are between 6pm and 6.30pm, while Session 4 is not estimated to finish until around 7.10pm. Possible alternatives would be to catch a taxi back to your car once session 4 finishes, or use the Grafton Centre car park which is a 10 minute walk from Parkside Pools and will not be affected by the Race for Life Road closures, but will be exceptionally busy OR use the P&R site for session 3 and move your car during the break into the City Centre car parks by which time the traffic will hopefully have eased.

Note that the buses are also affected by the road closures and may be using temporary bus stops instead of going to Drummer Street Bus Station, but will still stop a 10-12 minute walk from the pool. See the County Council web site for full details. It is advisable to pay for your Park & Ride ticket online prior to coming as the machines get extremely busy.

Accepted Entries

Please check the Accepted Entries list and confirm that your name, date of birth and entry times are correct. Any corrections should be made via e-mail to meets@cocsc.org.uk.


Swimmers must withdraw from events that they no longer wish to swim.

Withdrawals should be made via e-mail to meets@cocsc.org.uk by midnight on Thursday 13th July 2017 stating the event number, full name, date of birth, entry time and club.

Click here for a WORD Withdrawal Form
Click here for a PDF Withdrawal Form

Any on the day withdrawals must be made by coaches or the club representative one hour prior to the start of the first event in each session. Completed withdrawal forms should be given to the meet promoter or volunteer co-ordinator via the computer desk.

Swimmers failing to attend the start of a heat without withdrawing will incur a £10 penalty, which must be paid by the swimmer or the club before the swimmer is allowed to participate further in the meet.

Backstroke Start Ledges

Backstroke ledges may be used (to be confirmed).

Coaches and Swimmers are reminded of the FINA laws related to the use of ledges: When using a backstroke ledge at the start, the toes of both feet must be in contact with the end wall or face of the touchpad.

Further information can be found on the CoCSC website: http://www.cocsc.org.uk/ledges.html

Entry Packs

Click here for a WORD entry pack (updated May 2nd 2017)
Click here for a PDF entry pack (updated May 2nd 2017)


Address: Parkside Pools, Gonville Place, Cambridge, CB1 1LY. Google Maps

Pool: 8 Lane, Deck Level, 25m Pool, Olympic Standard Blocks, Quantum Electronic Timing, Anti-turbulence lane ropes

Enquiries: meets@cocsc.org.uk